Interpreting User Behavior with Heatmaps

(sans military NVG's)

How would you change your website if you knew exactly what people were doing on it when they visited?

Heatmaps are about as close to a mind-reading device for user behavior as we Inbound marketers can get. While we'll never fully be able to get into our visitors' heads (which would be kind of creepy, anyway), being able to see how people interact with your website should be enough to get you started with improving the usability of your site, and in turn, its performance as a lead generation tool.

This is another excerpt of a post that still rings true today and is an older post from my days at HubSpot Partner New Breed.

HotJar is one of the more popular tools used to examine user behavior on websites. There's many other alternatives, but I have a hard time recommending anyone but this company. Many people are happy to take your money if you find heat mapping challenging, but I would contend that if you're in a spot where implementing and reading a website heat map is difficult for you individually, then it's not really worth the trouble. If you are willing to buckle down, learn, and be open-minded, it is one of the best things you can do to identify where and how to improve your site for optimal conversions, UX, or whatever it is you want to change.

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