Minimum Viable Product - Yes, people still use that term and it's still relevant

Yeah let's be honest: "MVP" is such a tired out startup cliche. The term MVP is strongly rooted in the work of Stanford professor Steve Blank (follow him if you aren't already) and one of his star pupils who perpetuated the idea of a lean startup.

When I hear "MVP" used in conversation today, it's difficult for me to take seriously. Especially when the person who's often credited for coining the term is now asking if the lean startup is dead in 2018.

I owe a lot to the people and experiences I gained working at New Breed - chiefly, the autonomy to explore the application of iterative development within an inbound marketing context. In my time there, myself and my colleagues authored a couple of posts that still have information that holds true today.

The concept of an MVP is more about process than about an actual product. Blank says that today, the minimum viable product is about smart learning. It's a process based on interactions, iterations and understanding your customers' needs, pain points and the validity of your value proposition.

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